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Fields of activity

From raw aluminium to final part with coating

You can save extra costs due to the fact that You do not have to arrange transportation of Your items from die casting to machining and also to coating.

Alcumatic A/S deals with all processes within our facilities – meaning that we are able to deliver items which are ready for assembling.

We can deliver items all the way or only part of the way via the following departments:

  • Pressure Diecasting department
  • Machining department
  • Impregnation department
  • Finishing and Coating department

We will of course also take care of packaging and despatch of your goods in a way that the items suit into Your logistic system without any problems.

About us

ALCUMATIC A/S is a modern production company with many years of experience in the fields of pressure die-casting, finishing and coating. All those skills are available to You.