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Environmental politics

Through Alcumatic’s focus on the environment, we will always work to obtain improvements within this area and ongoing we will improve our environmental management system and our environmental performance.

This we will do by:

  • Integrating environmental considerations in the daily work and seek ongoing improvements in the area taking the technical development, customer requirements and the expectations of the society into account.
  • Manufacturing products with as long a lifetime as possible.
  • Using less harmful products during the production processes and complying with the RoHS-directive.
  • Including the environmental impact and recycling possibilities when selecting raw materials.
  • Developing working methods and processes taking the environment into account and preventing pollution.
  • Actively address the industry's environmental problems and meet the environmental demands of the future through continuous improvements within the business.​
  • Monitoring and explaining the environmental aspects associated with all activities such as planning, development, purchase of goods and services, as well as sales and production. ​
  • Training and informing the company’s employees of our environmental conditions to promote awareness of both the internal and external environment and thereby achieve continuous improvements.​
  • Complying with applicable laws, government requirements and other requirements that we are subject to.​
  • Providing information about our environmental impacts and our environmental work available to stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, employees and the public in general. ​
  • Being responsive to our stakeholders' views and treat all inquiries regarding our environmental work seriously.​
  • Publishing the environmental policy on our website and in the company.​

About us

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