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Environmental goals


The environmental goals of Alcumatic A/S are to achieve continuous improvements for the environment. This is to be achieved by goal-directed, methodically and preventive environmental efforts in a close co-operation between the management and the employees. The managing director is responsible for that the goals and plan of action are kept to the end of the year..

Alcumatic A/S will strive to:

  • ​Sewage has to be reduced by 100 % compered to 2016/17 and turnover
  • The average compressed air consumption shall be less than 10m3 / 15 minutes in idle operation​

Further Alcumatic A/S is constantly striving to:

  • ​reduce the consumption of electricity by means of covering the crucible and turning off machines driven by electricity when not used.
  • use suppliers with the best environmental products and service compared to our needs.
  • train the employees in the environmental system – procedures, storage, waste sorting etc.
  • by surveillance to reduce the number of used aids containing chemical substances.

About us

ALCUMATIC A/S is a modern production company with many years of experience in the fields of pressure die-casting, finishing and coating. All those skills are available to You.