Area of work

From a raw block of aluminium to a finished coated product.

We want to spare you from additional expenses in transporting the product from the high-pressure die casting to machinery and surface treatment of the product.

ALCUMATIC A/S can manage everything from production to end case assembling of each product.

We can offer solutions for partial production, where you can decide what part of the production line we should produce or if we should do it all:

  • High-pressure die casting
  • Machinery

  • Industrial coating
  • Impregnate objects of aluminium

We will ensure that we care for the packaging and shipping of your products smoothly to fit your logistics system.​

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About us

ALCUMATIC A/S is a high-quality company we are proud of the fine craft we deliver. We are constantly aiming to achieve the best result at competitive prices.​

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ALCUMATIC A/S is certified according to
ISO 9001​:2015 and ISO​ 14001:2015


Rønsdam 4, 6400 Sønderborg

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