Quali​ty policy


Alcumatic A/S want to ensure complete clarity about the size of the order, service content and own responsibility before a binding contract is signed.

A contract of any kind for delivering and service content will be treated after the agreed procedures. Procedures also include processing any changes to incoming agreements.

Unique customer demands about quality assurance needs to be stated in the order documentation..


Alcumatic A/S wants to ensure the product result is living up to all the expectations in the contract covering everything for the customer, service content and the size of the order.

That is why we have emphasised the following criteria for manufacturing and control:

  • Employees:

        Qualified labour.

  • Machines and tools:

        Maintained machine centres.

        Maintained and approved tools.​

  • Method

Updated process descriptions, including: production documents, necesarry work and control instructions.

As well as having the latest version of the subscription audit or other product specification..

  • Materials

Material certifications with traceability for unique customer demands. Identification of new or recycled metals or materials. Inspections of the delivered components and optimal shipping for the units produced.

  • Procurement

​Alcumatic A/S continuously makes agreements with approved and evaluated suppliers according to our established procedures in our quality-assurance system. All to meet the demands on the product, we are delivering to our customers.

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