Alcumatic A/S

Alcumatic A/S as we know it was founded in 1989 with a fusion between the two companies; Sydjysk Industrilakering in Ragebøl and Alcumatic A/S in Aabenraa.

Sydjysk Industrilakering, which was founded in 1964, had until the fusion primarily been a distributor of liquid coating of plastic- and metal objects under the company name LM Plate. However, LM Plate could also offer the guests to powder coat units in the years up to the fusion.

Alcumatic A/S has existed for 25 years and with a business area within high-pressure die casting and deburring. The production was four high-pressure die casting machines with a close pressure between 150 kilotons and 400 kilotons.

​The ownership was Arthur Müller (chairman of the management board) and Henning Kjær (Director). The production was placed in 2000 square meter buildings in Ragebøl next to Sønderborg. After the fusion, Alcumatic A/S could offer the customers a final product delivered directly to their assembly line.


Automation of the foundry

Back in the days, all the work done by high-pressure die casting machines was controlled manually by the workers. It was a demanding environment.

In 1994 Alcumatic A/S started automation of the foundry. Today, we only use robots to fill the moulds, spray release agents at the moulds, and take out the finished units.​


CNC Machining

​In 1995 the first CNC machine arrived at our process division. Today we have eight CNC machines mostly branded by Brother and DMG Mori.


Environmental diploma

​Reduction of environmental impact has always been one of Alcumatic A/S key areas, and we worked structured to achieve our goal. In 2004 we received our first diploma for our effort. Since then, we have worked to reduce the environmental impact.


Expansion of production

Buildings are getting expanded to make more space for the processing division.


Expansion of warehouse

Expansion of shipping and warehouse facilities.


New high-pressure die casting machine

At the time, Denmark's most extensive high-pressure die casting machine with a closure pressure of 11 kilotons. The machine is capable of producing units with a weight of up to 12 kilograms. Alcumatic A/S now has the opportunity to make units in the weight between 30 grams and 12 kilograms.


Automation of machining centres

In 2010 we completed the next wave of automation. Automation is the division for machining centres.
​It was an optimization of infilling, set-aside and deburring, which now is done by robots. 

It started with three machining centres which now is creating uniformed units in large quantities.


ISO 9001 and 14001 certification

​To ensure our customers' high quality and uniformed products, developed Alcumatic A/S, the intern quality system to reaches for an ISO 9001. At the exact moment, we conducted an ISO 14001 environmental certification.


Change of generations

​Henning Kjær steps down from his position as director after 30 years of dedicated service.
​Henning is still part of ownership and the management board.

Alcumatic A/S is now a modern industrial company with automated machining centres within high-pressure die casting, CNC milling and surface treatment. The new director is Johannes Hyldgård Jakobsen.

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