Environmental certification

Alcumatic A/S received the environmental certification for ISO 14001 the 21.05.2013.

You can see our certificate by calling us on the phone or fill out the contact formula here on the website.

Environmental diploma and green smiley

​groNet decided to give Alcumatic A/S a diploma for extraordinary environmental action.

Again in 2020 groNet decided to give Alcumatic A/S the diploma. It is now the 9th time we received the diploma.

It is groNets assessment that Alcumatic A/S works actively and seriously with its envrionmental impact on its surroundings and its working area.

The period of validity has been extended until 2023.

ALCUMATIC A/S has achieved a green smiley as a result of a screening visit from the work authority

This means that the company lives up to the requirements specified by law regarding work environment.

See more on the work authority's home site.

Note for Alex: this is the link: hjemmeside.​

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ALCUMATIC A/S is certified according to
ISO 9001​:2015 and ISO​ 14001:2015


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